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Les Jardins de Montzey

63 Chemin de Montzey -
83000 TOULON

Decorated apartments

Delivery Q1 2022

  • Cap Brun neighborhood
  • By the sea
  • Close to shops
  • Quiet residence

The residence is located in Cap Brun, one of the most valued neighborhoods of the south of Toulon, by the sea.

The development is in a residential area and benefits from the proximity to the shops and a great access to 2 bus lines, leading to the marine station as well as to Toulon railway station.

The residence features 2 buildings surrounded by green areas and comprises a limited number of apartments offering good exposures, for some of them. The living rooms are extended by a balcony or a terrace with a garden.

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Work in process

Estimated delivery schedule
Q1 2022

Customize your apartment

Depending on the progress of the work, you can define your choice of materials, colours and furniture.

Where can you discover them?

Our Manager will be happy to welcome you in the Showroom of the Biot Regional Agency. You will be able to imagine your home thanks to its 280m² of exhibition space and to customize it with a wide range of ceramics, tiles and furniture.

Discover our Showroom

The residence appointments

Common areas

  • Entrance halls adorned with stoneware tiles, painting or decorative coating, mirror and wall fittings or spotlights (according to the project of the decorator).
  • Floor landings with stoneware tiles, wall painting, spotlights.
  • Floor landings lit by automatic presence detectors.
  • Laminated front doors, aluminium Swiss-style sills and sound absorbing door gaskets.
  • Otis* elevator, lift car adorned with a mirror, serving each floor, including the underground parking garage.

* Brands may be replaced with equivalent references.


  • Glazed stoneware tiles Saloni* 60x60 in all rooms.
  • White smooth painted finish in all rooms.
  • Lacquered inner doors with mat-finished nickel handles.
  • Aluminium French doors and PVC French windows and outside doors with monobloc box for shutter.
  • Ceramic wall tiles Saloni* on each wall to room height with frieze in bathrooms.
  • Fully-equipped bathrooms with vanity cabinet, built-in wash basins Culina*, thermostatic single-handle faucets Grohe*, large mirror, wall lamp, shower or bathtub. Heated towel rail Acova*.
  • Vanity table in the WC in three-room and bigger apartments (according to plans).
  • Sliding door closets (according to plans).
  • Pavers on paving supports (50x50).
  • Electrical roller shutters with master control switch in all rooms** (according to plans).

* Brands may be replaced with equivalent references.
** Except for kitchens on upper floors and for small sashes.

Connected housing

  • With the Somfy(1) TaHoma® home automation kit, you can open and close the radio-controlled electrical roller shutters from your smartphone. You can also connect a smoke detector to the system. TaHoma® is a solution easy to use and to make evolve. It is compatible with all Somfy products (alarm, lighting, heating, etc.) and the major brands of housing equipment (Legrand, Atlantic, Philips, etc.).

(1) After configuration and activation. Requires an Internet subscription and a smartphone (not included).


  • Tiles and ceramics (variety of colours available in the Promogim line).
  • Possibility of options depending on the progress of work.

Insulation and Heating

  • Thermal insulation and soundproofing: double glazing, PVC windows and outside doors, PVC roller shutters, and insulated facade walls.
  • Noise-reducing topping on the upper floors.
  • Individual hot water generation system provided by a gas boiler.


  • Entrance halls protected by a two-door entry system with a videophone and a digicode connected to each apartment.
  • Video surveillance in the entrance hall.
  • Smoke detector.
  • Solid core front doors, with an A2P** lock and security bolts on the hinges. Swiss-style sills.
  • Elevator controlled by a Vigik badge* to access the basement.
  • Basement access with remote-control main door.
  • Electrical roller shutters on all doors and windows with master control switch**.

* Brands may be replaced with equivalent references.
** Except for kitchens on upper floors and for small sashes.

Exemple d’un appartement type 2 pièces

Exemple d’un appartement type 3 pièces



Work in process

Estimated delivery schedule
Q1 2022

Discover our prices

Type Surface Price
2 pièces up to 46 m² from 249 000 €(1)
3 pièces up to 69 m² from 359 000 €(1)
Parking from 18 000 €(6)
(1) Starting price - 20 % VAT - Without parking garage - Within the limits of available stock.
(6) Starting price - 20 % VAT - Within the limits of available stock.

Visit the model apartments

Click on the pictures to visit the apartment, VR (Virtual Reality) compatible, Google Cardboard, Homido, Occulus, etc.



Work in process

Estimated delivery schedule
Q1 2022

Neighborhood life

Daily life

  • Local shops 6 minutes* away, LIDL supermarket and hypermarket 5 minutes** away by car.
  • Schools ( from kindergarten to middle school) 13 minutes* away, high school 6 minutes** away by car, University 8 minutes** away by car.
  • Post office 8 minutes* away.
  • City centre 7 minutes** away by car.

*Indicative walking time. Source: Google maps
**Source: Google maps

Getting around

  • Bus stop for line n° 6 (Ripelle / Revest - Terre Promise / Blache), and line n° 23 (Gare de Toulon - Espace 3 000 Hyères) 2 minutes* away.
  • Close proximity to the A50 and A8 motorways.

*Indicative walking time. Source: Google maps

Leisure activities

  • Theatre and cinema 12 minutes** away by car.
  • Swimming pool 12 minutes** away by car.
  • Plage du Mourillon (beach) 6 minutes** away by car.

**Source: Google maps



Work in process

Estimated delivery schedule
Q1 2022

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