New property benefits
Controlled budget

Reduced notary fees

Buying a new property allows you to benefit from reduced notary fees (only 2-3% of your purchase amount, against 7-8% for the purchase of an old housing).

No work to be performed

(apartment and common areas)

By becoming owner of a new apartment or house, there is no work to perform before several years, unlike an old housing where common areas, electricity or plumbing need to be fixed.

With a new Promogim housing, you only have to worry about moving in and about interior decoration.

Reduced monthly fees

All Promogim new constructions meet higher standards in terms of environment and energy savings like the latest 2020 environmental regulation.

This regulation helps meet the comfort needs, while limiting the maximum primary energy consumption for the heating, ventilation, domestic hot water production, and lighting systems. This allows an energy consumption reduction compared to previous thermal regulations.

Lasting investment

With the use of high quality materials, the elegant architecture, the highly comfortable appointments and the modern equipment, Promogim developments are living spaces designed to provide top-quality living conditions to the residents and a great sustainability of the property to the owner.