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Promogim extras

Promogim extras Promogim extras

Personal assistance

Personal assistance

Promogim provides experienced teams in your region, to assist you throughout your real estate project.

Our fully dedicated sales agents are available to help you find the right solutions for your lifestyle and make your dreams a reality.
The financial aspect represents an important element for the success of your project: interest-free loan and local subsidies, tax exemption law and deferral of installments, etc. Our agents take as much time as needed to explain you the banking systems. They offer you customized financing plans entirely free of charge. They also inform you of the various characteristics of housings, particularly regarding enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation.

With Promogim, you are never alone. Our sales agents guide you every step of the way, from the preparation of your record to the delivery of your property. Furthermore, after the purchasing of your housing, we introduce you to a dedicated technical manager. He/She will accompany you until the delivery and the after sales service of your property.


Become a Promogim client and sponsor your friends !
Make your real estate project a reality with Promogim and participate in our big sponsorship campaign.
Become our ambassador to your relatives, friends or colleagues, and let them benefit of the quality of the Promogim developments. By sponsoring someone, you will receive a bonus of €1,500 upon confirmation of purchasing notarial deed signature. The person you sponsor will receive a “Rendez-vous gourmand” Smartbox.

You can sponsor up to 3 persons and earn €4,500.

Sponsor someone

Special offer

Your needs change at each stage of your life. Promogim guides you and rewards your loyalty by offering you exceptional conditions for any new purchasing :

2% discount on your second purchase
3% discount on your next purchases !


Résidence principale (EN)


With the arrival of the youngest, Emily and Brian think bigger.
Promogim offers functional housings, close to useful services that make your life easier (nursery, school, shops, public transportation services, etc.) and at the right price.

Défiscalisation (EN)


Carol and Steven want to reduce their taxes, while preparing for retirement. They can count on Promogim for a direct purchasing of an apartment with good rental value, and benefit from the ongoing tax systems to optimize their rental investment.

Patrimoine (EN)


    The eldest son of Mary and John just got his first job far from home. Promogim offers them to :
  • help their son to settle,
  • get a future second residence for retirement,
  • build an estate they can pass on.

  • 2% discount on the total amount of the second purchase, 3% discount on the total amount of the next purchases.
  • Offer available to private individuals and REITs purchasing housing within 10 years after one or more housing purchases with Promogim.
  • The offer may not be combined with other ongoing offers or promotions.
  • The 10 years period starts from the signing of the deed of sale of the previous purchase(s), to the booking date (or pre-booking) of the ongoing purchase made from January 1, 2018.
  • For a simultaneous purchase, the discount applies on purchase of the cheapest housing.
  • Offer not valid for two semi-detached housings.

Purchase a principal residence

Your additional benefits if you buy a principal residence

VIP Offer

Purchase a principal residence

With Promogim, reselling your property is easy
If you want to resell your current property to purchase one in Promogim, you can benefit from the VIP Offer, which is guaranteed by the signature of VIP property listing proposed by our partner Citya :
1. Contact by an agent within 48 hours(1)
2. Free estimate realized within 8 days
3. 4% tax-free(2) fee rate of the selling price
4. Energy Performance Certificate (DPE, Diagnostic de performance énergétique) for €1 only
5. Experienced representative and exclusive comparative methodology

(1) Upon receipt of the request sent by Promogim.
(2) On selling price if the client signs the Premium property listing.
* VIP: Very Important Proprietor

Top guarantee

Secure your purchase with the resale guarantee
Promogim contracted “Resale protection” insurance for you (contract No. 8289), which aims to secure the purchase of your new property as principal/second residence, or rental investment, within the 5 years following the delivery date of the property.
This guarantee is linked to your property and takes effect upon signature of the notarial deed. It allows you to protect both your estate and your family from unexpected life events.
5 years resale guarantee OFFERED(1)
Within the 5 years following your purchase, if specific life events force you to resell your property under rushed conditions at lower price than the purchase price, you will receive a compensating benefit covering the difference, with a limit of 10% of the cost price(2), and capped to €30,000.

    The events giving rise to the implementation of this guarantee include :
  • Total and irreversible accidental loss of autonomy
  • Accidental death
  • Loss of employment following a judicial liquidation
  • Loss of employment following an economic lay-off
  • Divorce
  • Plus, for the principal residence only :
  • Occupational transfer at a distance of more than 31 miles (50 km)
  • Multiple birth.
  • (1)To benefit from this guarantee, you must return the enrollment card to AXA France no later than 60 days after notarial deed signature. Resale guarantee, insured by AXA France IARD, S.A. capitalised at €210,799,030. Nanterre trade and companies register No. 722 057 460 - Head office: 313, Terrasses de l'Arche 92727 Nanterre. Companies governed by the French Insurance Code. (2)The financial loss is the difference between cost price when purchasing the property (purchase price of the property + notary fees + mortgage or deposit fees) and net resale price. All the conditions for this offer are set out in the enrollment card of AXA France Promogim.

To invest

Making a rental investment in a new property is a safe and lasting investment to build the future, while benefiting from favourable tax measures in order to reduce your taxes.

With the Promogim benefits, you make a secure investment without any pressure :

Top savings

Easy rental investment
By entrusting rental management of your property to a professional such as our partner Citya, you no longer have to worry about :
- searching for a new tenant
- administrative formalities related to your property,
- unpaid rents (additional guarantee).
- one year of rental management(1)
- unpaid rents guarantee(2)
This offer is valid for 24 months from the first rental and its benefit is guaranteed by signing the Citya rental management contract.
(1)which represents 6% tax-free of the payments amount. (2) which represents 2,5% tax-free of the payments amount.

To invest
Reduced VAT

Home ownership assistance in the ANRU zone (Agence Nationale pour la Renovation Urbaine [ANRU] - National Agency for Urban Renovation): Reduced VAT rate

The sale of new dwellings for primary residence and located in some neighborhoods (neighborhoods forming part of an agreement with the National Agency for Urban Renovation - ANRU) and within 300 meters around these neighborhoods can benefit, under certain conditions, from a reduced VAT rate at 5.5% from 1 January 2014 (against 20% normally).

For operations within 301 to 500 meters around an ANRU neighborhood, the VAT rate is 20% from 1 January 2014. By derogation, dwellings in operations whose application for building permit has been submitted no later than the 12/31/2013 will continue to benefit from the reduced VAT rate at 7%.


BBL LABEL (Low Consumption Building)
As part of sustainable development, the BBC-effinergie® label (Low Consumption Building) sets an average primary energy consumption as an average annual reference, according to the Ministerial Decree of 3 May 2007. This label helps meet the comfort needs, while limiting the maximum energy consumption of 40 to 65kWh/m2 shon/year (= net floor area/year) in Île-de-France, for the heating, cooling, ventilation, domestic hot water production, and lighting systems.

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RT2012 regulation for the benefit of the environment
As part of the sustainable development, the new thermal regulation of 2012 sets a primary energy consumption as an average annual reference, according to Grenelle Act II.
This regulation helps meet the comfort needs, while limiting the maximum primary energy consumption for the heating, ventilation, domestic hot water production, and lighting systems.

New property benefits with Promogim

Buying a new property allows you to enjoy automatically from many benefits :


Quality of life


You also benefit from many legal guaranties to secure your purchase.

Do not hesitate anymore, a NEW HOUSING is a lasting investment.

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