New property benefits
New property guarantee

When buying a new home, you benefit from 3 legal guarantees that provide you with security:

Guarantee against visible defects and non-conformities

Any issues noted during delivery or within the month following delivery will be repaired by soliciting the companies that worked on the construction site.

The two-year guarantee

The two-year guarantee or guarantee of fitness covers equipment elements (during 2 years upon receipt of the work from the companies), which can be disassembled without affecting the rough work (valves and fittings, shutters, doors, heating system, etc.).

The ten-year guarantee

Finally, the ten-year guarantee covers hidden defects affecting the structural integrity and occupancy of the building (for example a leaky roof) as well as inseparable equipment elements, during 10 years upon receipt of the work from the companies.

You are then covered by the building defect liability insurance contracted by Promogim. Defects due to normal wear, abnormal use or lack of maintenance are excluded from the scope of guarantees.

Performance guarantee

In accordance with the regulations, Promogim contracts a financial performance guarantee for the building with a leading banking institution which ensures the completion of the building under all conditions.