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The group

Le groupe Le groupe

Our history

Promogim, a family-owned company, was founded in 1969 by Christian ROLLOY. It is the top national independent player in terms of property development and construction, with major references: 100,000 living accommodations created, representing more than 1,100 real estate projects throughout the country.

Our business

As a specialist of the residential real estate, we create and build sustainable living spaces, which are sources for well-being and generate progress.

Our project is to bring the best answers in each development in terms of environment quality, lifestyle and social connections.

In order to carry out this mission, our teams implement a clear development strategy based on attentiveness, creativity, responsibility, trust and fulfilment of the commitments. This strategy is combined with a strict and ambitious policy for design and construction of best products at best value.

    Promogim offers 3 exceptional benefits to its clients :

  • A selection of great residential ADDRESSES in the most attractive regions for a better lifestyle.
  • ARCHITECTURES carefully designed for each residence to ensure investment sustainability.
  • Best QUALITY apartments at the best PRICE to invest together.

Our offices

Promogim is established throughout the country and features eight regional offices which are fully involved in local life. The development, sales and technical teams meet the different markets specific needs, by associating the expertise of qualified providers with specialists in land use planning independently selected (landscapers, urbanists, architects, etc.). They provide the best products at best value, as well as services which best suit the unique context of each development.


Key figures

One of the major strengths for Promogim is its financial independence. With a high capital and the best bank references, our group is a strong partner and a reliable support. This financial freedom gives us an immediate decision-making power.

Security: experience and know-how

With its experience and know-how, PROMOGIM is able to design and realize a project that perfectly meets the clients and partners expectations.

As a partner of local authorities, Promogim pursues an important goal: build the future taking into account the new lifestyles, environmental issues and social diversity. In order to carry out these common ambitions, Promogim implements its skills in the preliminary studies, relies on thorough partners and is in accordance with municipalities requirements.

    Thanks to our reactive teams, Promogim quickly examines any project, while carefully considering the local urban areas requirements.
    Thus, Promogim is able to offer the following :

  • Carefully selected locations according to demanding criteria, ensuring top-quality living conditions and securing the investment: rental demand, close to schools, shops and public transportation services, etc.
  • Residences meeting the existing energy standards and suiting current needs.
  • Contemporary or classical architectures fitting harmoniously into their environment, the volumes and materials used making them even more residential.
  • Exterior landscaping (gardens, green spaces) which enhances the living space.
  • Interior spaces designed with same quality criteria: functional plans, sunny living rooms, and high-quality appointments for more comfort and a lasting well-being.


The pictures of our developments present our work better than any words and reflect who we are.
They show our skills and know-how to carry out innovative projects for partners who trust us. All the developments, whether collective or individual, guarantee quality and comfort. Promogim has earned a reputation and is now a reference.

Wattignies - Quatuor
Wattignies - Quatuor
Alfortville (94) - Terrasses et Jardins
Dijon - L Résidence
Molsheim - Domaine
Wattrelos - Le Clos Lumiere
Dijon - Villa Matisse
Ris-Orangis (91) - Côté Lac
Eckbolsheim - Vert Clos
Longvic - Les Jardins du Carmel
Chessy (77) - Chessy Parc
Schiltigheim - Clos-Village
Croix - Le Coeurville
Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin - Square & Jardins
Strasbourg - Quat'Zarts
Vaujours (93) - Le Clos des Tourelles
Chenôve - Les Villas du Mail
Perenchies -Le Coeurville
Strasbourg - Villa Flora
Montmorency (95) - Le Bel Air
St-Apollinaire - Clos Jardin
Strasbourg - Villa Flora
Dijon - Pays
Lille - Square & Jardin
Bois dArcy (78) - Les Résidences du Mail
Strasbourg - Villa Nova
Romainville (93) - Art et Lumiere
Ronchin - Le Clos Jardin
Besançon - Le Bellevue
Le Plessis Belleville (60) -Le Domaine du Plessis
Geispolsheim - Emeraude
Lipsheim - Bellerive
Kingersheim - Le Plazza
Cagnes-sur-Mer - Villa Flora
Nantes - Quai
Puget-sur-Argens - Villa d'Argens
Nantes - Quai
Bouc-Bel-Air - Villa Victoria
Lyon - Villa Nova
Nice - Vert Vallon
St-Priest - Parc
Cannes - Le 7 lecerf
Nantes - Villa Procé
Marseille- Le Clos Jardin
Bouguenais-les-Couets - Le Plazza
Marseille - Le Plazza
Nice - Villa du Mail
Lyon - Le Square
Trets - Villa Victoire
Mandelieu - Louisiane
St Sébastien - Le Clos Village
Lyon - Le Square
Villeurbanne - Villa Charpennes