The safe value of the real estate

For more than 55 years, Promogim has built its reputation on the quality of the locations, the care taken in the architecture of its residences and the design of the plans. For our clients, these three elements are the guarantees of a preserved quality of life as well as of the proper valuation of their assets over time. Thus, whatever the development, they are sure to find the best value in real estate in the city of their own choosing.

the safe value of the real estate

You can be sure to find
A well-located residence, at the right price.

In cities where demand is high, find the ideal residence among 80 locations selected for their practicality. Ideal to live or invest in, close to shops, schools and public transportation services, they meet all the criteria for quality of life.

You can be sure to purchase
With confidence.

Thanks to the expertise and solidity of the first 100% independent real estate development group, you can invest safely. Its ability to build in accordance with standard practice and its control of deadlines ensure both peace of mind in your purchase and good value for your property over time.

You can be sure to benefit
From a single interlocutor.

Choice of apartment, financing, services, site visits, administrative procedures, delivery... Your sales agent assists you throughout your project.

You can be sure to picture yourself
In your future purchase.

On the sales area of your next residence, you can experience your future home for yourself: a full-scale model of the project, a sample of the appointments, and a visit to a model apartment.


Choice of locations

Promogim selects its residence locations according to demanding criteria, ensuring top-quality living conditions: rental demand, close to schools, shops, public transportation services, green spaces, etc.

Optimized configuration and living comfort

The interior spaces are submitted to the same quality research. Buying a new Promogim property offers you many benefits :

  • Optimization of the spaces and plans, wider openings to fully enjoy the natural light; search of harmonious transition between the inside and the outside of the apartments.
  • Layout of the rooms complying with the latest standards for access of persons with disabilities.
  • Ease of set up.

Buying a new Promogim property is also a guarantee of compliance with all existing standards :

  • Electrical safety: use of highest quality equipment.
  • Fire safety: use of fire-resistant materials.
  • Anti-intrusion equipment: intercom, digicode, videophone.

Our customers talk about us:
93%* of our customers point out the housings adapted to the new lifestyles

Choice and customization

When you buy a new property, you buy it before completion, i.e. off plan. You can then customize your property as you desire, according to the stage of completion of the project (subject to technical feasibility and options offered for each residence).

Customization is about choosing the colours and materials you like to decorate your walls and floors. As for the finishings, our sales agents will help you make your choices and will present all possible options and combinations from a wide range of samples (paints, carpets, tiles, ceramics, etc.) declined in many colors.

You can discover them in all our sales areas.



Architecture is the identity and the soul of the city.

PROMOGIM attaches great importance to the architectural quality of its developments, whether classical or contemporary, as well as to the exterior landscaping. Each project is submitted to specific studies made by the architects of Promogim product department.

This department combines its skills with those of experimented and recognized architects, urbanists, landscapers. They are chosen by Promogim for their ability to create pleasant areas to live in, which fit in their environment.
This permanent ambition makes each residence unique and brings genuine added value.
The exterior landscaping (shrubberies, many varieties of trees, turfed areas, perennial plants) enhances the surrounding areas of the residences and creates friendly meeting-places around which resident lives are based.

A proper building and equipment today enhance the quality of life for the future.

Our customers talk about us:
98%* of our customers appreciate the quality of our building architecture

Environmental standards

PROMOGIM develops innovations and offers definitive solutions to our company new expectations in terms of sustainable development. PROMOGIM also contributes its expertise and aims to improve the performance in its operations in the following areas: energy savings, comfort and health, and building sites with low level of nuisance.

Promogim construit ainsi des logements conformes aux dernières réglementations thermiques/environnementales RT 2012 ou RE 2020.

95%* estiment que nous proposons des logements respectueux de l'environnement

Thermal Regulation 2012

As part of the sustainable development, the new thermal regulation of 2012 sets a primary energy consumption as an average annual reference, according to Grenelle Act II. This regulation helps meet the comfort needs, while limiting the maximum primary energy consumption for the heating, ventilation, domestic hot water production, and lighting systems.

  • Elements taken into account prior to the start of the project: architectural aspects (form, compactness, orientation, and building openings layout), bioclimatic aspects (integration of solar contribution and conservation of summer comfort), technical and economic aspects.
  • Roofing and walls insulation, and heat loss limitation.
  • Use of high-performance materials and equipment.
  • Reduction in energy consumption compared to previous thermal regulations.

The RT 2012 and the BBC label 2005 represent a minimal energy consumption, according to the geographic location of the building and its altitude.

Réglementation Environnementale 2020

The objective of the Environmental Regulation 2020 is to continue improving the energy performance and comfort of buildings while reducing their carbon footprint. It is structured around three main axes:

  • Continue reducing the overall consumption of new buildings and enhance their energy performance.
  • Decrease the climate impact of new buildings by taking into account the total emissions of the building over its life cycle, from the construction phase to the end of life.
  • Enable occupants to live in a place of life and work adapted to future climate conditions by continuing the goal of summer comfort.

*The RE 2020 applies to all housing for which a building permit has been filed from January 1, 2022.

Quality of materials

An architectural and environmental study allows the elaboration of technical specifications meeting qualitative objectives, while complying with the latest standards.
Promogim selects sustainable and qualitative materials with enhanced thermal insulation for the comfort, safety and aesthetics.
With these ambitious choices and the use of highest quality innovative products, Promogim residences are the best choice for your investment sustainability.


Buildings with high energy performance lead to savings in consumption, but not exclusively. The impact on soundproofing is also very important. The thermal insulation prevents also noise.

Thermal insulation

The first cause of heat loss is due to the windows and external walls. The materials used for the external walls have good insulating properties, which are effective in summer and winter. The double glazed bay windows avoid thermal bridges. The heat can also be lost through ceiling and floor. A building with good energy performance includes insulation between each apartment, in ceiling and floor.
The choice of high performance heating equipment contributes to a good thermal comfort (an equal heat distribution throughout the room).


The noise enters an apartment through the same ways as heat and cold.
Facades (external walls and windows) and roofing must be enhanced in order to protect a building from the external noise. Promogim architects work to get the best surface area ratio between walls and windows for an enhanced soundproofing inside the apartments.
People moving and talking, moving the furnitures and operating appliances generate noise inside an apartment. Each room must be separated by flooring that absorbs noise and by insulated walls in order to provide a good acoustic comfort to the residents.

Best value

Promogim expertise is based on its ability to offer the best products at best value in order to meet the needs of many customers. To do so, Promogim performs the following :

  • A prospection and a fine selection of lands.
  • A rational and innovative design by recognized architects.
  • A rigorous management of operations.
  • Sustainable partnerships with local companies.

This allows PROMOGIM to offer best products at best value.

Direct and on site purchasing

With Promogim, you can purchase a property on site, without intermediary and at the best price. Thus, you make a secure investment without any pressure.

Furthermore, with Promogim you just have to pay a €500 security deposit instead of 5% of the selling price. According to the article R261-28 of the French building and housing code (Code de la Construction et de l’Habitation, CCH), the security deposit amount can not exceed 5% of the forecast selling price, if the deadline for sale to be made does not exceed 1 year. This percentage is limited to 2% if the deadline does not exceed 2 years. You then have 6 weeks to get a real estate credit agreement, in addition to legal period of reflection. If you do not get any credit within this period, the security deposit will be entirely refunded according to the article R261-31 (CCH).